Coaching 101

Are you trying to eliminate debt in your business?

Budget better?

Would you like to save money? 

Planning to retire?

Need help starting a life insurance plan?

Are you ready to stop wearing all the hats in your business. Hire and train someone to run your business so you can have the freedom to go on vacation while the business continues to make money. Your business does not have to stop because you took a well deserved break. 

“You are so ready to finally save money in your business and increase your cash flow and retire in your business while the business continues to run without you managing the daily operations. 

You want to get your business accounting organized even if you hate numbers and spreadsheets so you can focus on making more money.

“Finally, you can invest in yourself using your business cash flow to save money and build wealth that will allow you to live and turn your dreams into reality.

Stenell Myers
  • I paid $50,000 in personal debt within 11 months
  • I paid business credit card debt of $10,000
  • I started a Simple IRA for myself and my staff
  • I invested more into real estate to build my personal portfolio
  • I purchased a Vacation home to build LONG TERM WEALTH
  • I was able to achieve all of these things after making one decision TO EDUCATE MYSELF IN FINANCES AND CHANGE MY BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE!


Ready to FINALLY build wealth from your business


Retire from working and let your business run itself? 

Stenell Myers

You’ve tried everything. You get off to a good start - but it doesn’t stick, you may find yourself making money in your business and spending money on things with little or no return. You lose motivation and get stuck!

You’ve read the blogs and eBooks about how to find your niche, how to build wealth, but you already have a business that is profitable. You are on your own with no help and find yourself spending money and not profiting

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step. You wish you had a way you could ask questions when you need to so you can begin to see results from all your hard work


Dear financial burnt out Entrepreneurs, I FEEL YOUR pain.

Do you identify with any of the following?

  • You are DROWNING in debt in your personal and or business and don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Losing money in your business to stay afloat. See a profit but spend it all for living expenses.
  • You are afraid to invest in your business and outsource help.
  • Do not understand the tax implications and find yourself paying high taxes or avoid paying them.
  • You were never taught how to handle money so your personal money habits are affecting your business.
  • You want to see the benefits of your BUSINESS DOLLARS build your financial freedom and wealth.
  • Your deepest desire is to have a vacation home that is paid for from your business revenue or
    travel and live your life without any financial worry.
  • You want to model good money habits and leave a powerful legacy to your family.

Imagine how you will feel when you change the way you think about money and able to be your own bank




 Imagine NOT taking out a business loan or NEVER paying another cent in personal credit card debt 

You can now travel and continue to make money

You have more time to help others and give to those that are in need 

You can teach your children about money and business and help them begin their life without personal or business debt

Stenell Myers



Imagine what it will feel like when you can see your business revenue!  Invest in your future and finally reap the reward of all your hard work!



I understand where you’re at because I WAS YOU

You’re afraid that your business is going to lose it’s flare, THEN WHAT.

You’re afraid of committing to make a change because you do not have any tangible financial business goals.

You’re afraid that it may be too late in your business to start saving money and investing for your retirement.


Imagine how you’re going to feel once you have a team in place to run the daily operations of your business while you continue to strategize new ways to keep the business profitable and have a plan for the end result which is retire working on the business while the business continues to run.


  • Maybe you are ready to live a business debt freedom life


  • You get to see your existing business income build wealth without worrying about working on the daily operation


  • Your close friends and family tell you how proud they are of you when they  see your business wins transform into personal wins

I KNOW you want to live a debt free personal and business entrepreneur lifestyle and willing to put in the work, but these questions are holding you back

“I personally never met anyone that build wealth from their existing business with no debt”

“Everyone I know with a business use their business money to live off and are just surviving”

“How can I afford to invest in my existing business and build wealth if I use the income to live off?”

“As a solopreneur I am afraid one day my clients will know longer need my product. I don’t have a plan B”

I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion if your starting to invest in your future for the first time

If you don’t have a plan to follow, It can be easy to make some critical mistakes, continue in the same cycle of living off your business and not allowing the business to help you live